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Soul Centered Astrology

Please note that as a student, my knowledge of astrology is expanding and these readings are based on the knowledge that I hold in the current moment. 

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 Mercury Rx Guide
05.11.2022 Cycle

My dear, sweet friend, did you know that Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods? 


It's the only planetary energy that allows us to move both upward into the superconscious realms of light and spirit and also downward into the subconscious realms of shadow. This is incredibly beneficial to us as human souls! 


The fundamental basis of heart alchemy begins here in the realms of Mercury.  It's through working with our Mercurial energy that we can shift unaligned patterns of perception that ultimately shape the reality of our Earthly experience. 

This ability to release outdated parts of our reality and to integrate new, more aligned ideals is true magic. 

And it starts here, with Mercury Retrograde.

I've created this guide to help you consciously work with the energy of Mercury during this Retrograde season, step by step - hand in hand. 


This is my gift to you.