Meet Ky

It’s been a long journey that’s brought me to where I am today.


For many years, I was not living in accordance with my authentic path and it took, what can only be called Divine intervention, to shake me enough to step into the unknown.


(Thank you, Goddess!)


During the years of my Saturn Return (28-30) I found the courage to leave a marriage that was poisoning my soul, I met my current partner, had a baby and lost a baby.


It was the loss of my second babe and the sorrow and grief that accompanied that experience, that catapulted me onto a trajectory that I could not have previously foreseen.


During the months that followed that loss, I was blessed with an epiphany to go to school to become a massage therapist, something that had never crossed my mind a moment before then.


(As I’ve realized since, it’s often in our darkest moments when we are blessed with clarity of truth.)


Within the month, I had quit my high paying corporate job, found the academy I wanted to attend, secured funding and enrolled.


Everyone thought I had lost my mind. I hadn’t, I was simply trusting in the Universe to provide for me, if I did the hard work on my part.


It was during my time at Three Oaks Academy that I began to heal from the wounds of the loss of my babe.


It was there that I embraced yoga and meditation as daily practices and there that my intuitive gifts began to blossom, and soon flourish.


After becoming licensed with the state of Idaho, I ventured out onto my own creating my own practice, naming it: Ancient Evolution.


I mentored under the gifted local psychic Erin Mackley, who helped me learn how to not only embrace my growing intuitive gifts, but to be able to utilize them to help others as well.


Over the years I've followed Spirit's guidance like breadcrumbs, which have lead me to so many different and beautiful teachings. 

I became certified as a Death Doula under the mentorship of Alua Arthur of Going with unforgettable experience that taught me so much about life and death.

I am a continual and passionate student of astrology and the brilliant gifts that we can find within the energy of our unique and divine selves. 

And I'm currently in a 13 month long mentorship with Nikiah Seeds as a Priestess of the Sacred Grove. Here I'm deeply learning about the profound archetypes we embody as women as well as the mysteries we hold within the connection to the divine through the portal of the womb.


I have found my passion in conscious evolution and how we can tap into our own unique energy and the power held within it to heal, grow and evolve...and to reacquaint ourselves with the purest, most divine version of ourselves...our own God/Goddess energy.  


My mission is to simply be a source of light for others as they find their own way to this truth.

"May the obstacles of your flight be few and the blessings along your journey be many." - Mary Magdalene 


With unconditional love and eternal light, 



Ancient Evolution

Boise, ID, United States

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