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Intuitive Massage & Conscious Touch combines therapeutic massage with transitional energy healing into one unique and dynamic session with the intention of helping you release, clear and rest during difficult and intense life transitions.

Intuitive Massage differs from what you would find in a traditional spa type setting. My goal is to activate the parasympathetic state of "Rest & Digest". I utilize slower, longer movements and ease the body into a state of deep relaxation where the energetic body can begin to move and heal itself. 

I do incorporate a lot of traditional massage therapy techniques into my work, including Swedish, compression, rocking and craniosacral. However, because my work is intended to calm the nervous system and the sympathetic stress state (fight or flight), the bodywork is done very slowly. I do not generally utilize deep tissue, trigger point therapy or sports massage techniques.

Each session begins with a short conversation so that we may identify what you wish to receive from our time working together. Next I will lead you in a short meditation designed to help ground your energy into the Earth. This helps to settle your mind, body and spirit in preparation for deep energetic work.


From this grounded space, I allow myself to be intuitively guided to the area of your body that needs primary focus. 60 minute sessions are generally geared toward one or two specific regions, (neck, shoulders & arms or legs, glutes, low back etc). It is typical to be able to cover the entire body within a 90 minute session.

Energy work will be occurring simultaneously and will be focused on specific chakras and/or your aura as I am guided, intuitively.


$60 - 60 Minutes

$90 - 90 Minutes

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