Oh, hello Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury Retrograde.png

Hi my sweet friend and welcome to the Mercury Retrograde userguide! 


I am so happy that you decided to dive into your Mercury energy and utilize it for your own personal growth and evolution!


I designed this guide to help you dive deep and explore your experience of the next three week period.


Included are specific points for you to explore in your personal natal chart as well as week by week journal prompts to help you navigate this Retrograde cycle.  


You can download the guide here:

This userguide is mainly focused on the 3 week retrograde phase, but also touches on the Mercury cycle as a whole, which consists of 4 different phases. Here is a brief explanation of the phase terminology that you'll see in the guide:


Phase 1: Station Retrograde

  • This is when Mercury's forward momentum slows down and comes to a standstill before beginning its backward, retrograde movement. 

  • This phase lasts about a week.


Phase 2: The Inferior Conjunction

  • This is when the Mercury Rx and the Sun come together in the sky while Mercury is Retrograde.

  • This is the beginning of the Mercury cycle and lasts about 2 weeks.


Phase 3: Station Direct

  • This is when Mercury's backward momentum slows down, comes to a standstill, and then begins moving forward again.

  • This phase lasts about 2 months.


Phase 4: The Superior Conjunction

  • This is when Mercury and the Sun come together in the sky for a second time, this time while Mercury is direct. 

  • This is the culmination of the Mercurial cycle and lasts until the next retrograde period, about 6 weeks. 



Happy Exploring!