“Perhaps the deepest reason why we are afraid of death is because we do not know who we are.” – The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Sacred Death is an interactive 4 session program.

Sessions typically are 2 hours in length and are designed to:

1. Identify your core mortality fear.
2. Work toward understanding its roots.
3. Work toward relieving associated suffering.

4. Integrating and processing the energy associated with the core mortality fear. 

The Sacred Death workshop is for those who are ready to understand their root mortality fear and who are ready to transcend it.


If you feel the call to this sacred work, please reach out to me for a free consultation below. 

With so much love and eternal gratitude,



4 Session Bundle: $425  ($55 savings)

Individual Sessions: $120

(Payment plans available upon request.)


"The four weeks I spent in Ky's Sacred Life, Sacred Death program were life changing. Ky created a safe and loving space to dig deeper into my personal resistance points. This was a personalized experience that facilitated healing and growth. We identified limitations, restraints, and obstacles in my life; how I've been burdened by them and have been living in fear.


Over our time together Ky provided encouragement and equipped me with the tools to do the work. The healing that happened, I didn't know was possible. I learned self love in a deep and gentle way. I learned I am worthy because I exist. I am limitless. I have let go of who I thought I was supposed to be and have embraced who I am.


My life is richer because of this program. I am rebuilding and moving toward my dreams. I am full of peace, hope and assurance that I was missing. I know that my life will not be marked by a string of accomplishments, but by a legacy of love. I am beyond grateful to Ky for facilitating this program. It was an honor to work with her."

- Heather R.

I have always had some anxiety and control issues and the anxiety has ramped up as I’ve gotten older. Dying has always been scary for me. I learned so many contradictory, confusing things about death and my body growing up in a Catholic household with not a lot of reflection. Questions weren’t particularly welcome. The Sacred Death class helped me unpack a lot of the contradictions that led to much confusion and stress.

I’ve engaged in a lot of deep reflection over the last few weeks, prompted by my experiences with Ky and the permission I felt to let go of old constructs and rewrite the narrative of my youngest years. Reflecting deeply was an important practice for making the most of my experience with Sacred Death. 

The Contemplations were new to me and oddly comforting. I think about them often. And they really helped me as I prepared to fly recently. Flying can trigger my anxiety and I think fear of flying is really fear of dying, but I found strange and complete comfort in reviewing the contemplations in my mind. The Sacred Death meditation integrated these concepts in a deep way inside of me, and exploring three in depth through reflection and energy work was very healing and helpful.

Ky’s space is so welcoming and inviting. She is curious, genuine and loving. I don’t have a lot of experience with energy work but this seemed very focused – micro & macro at the same time.. Sometimes the work was more closely related to the contemplation we were exploring, and sometimes the contemplation seemed to be an avenue to look at something not obviously related. No matter, the sessions were powerful and clear. I left exhausted and exhilarated and wanting to go back.

I highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to gently but determinedly look at their life through the lens of death. This class made my questions OK, my crazy thoughts normal, my fear largely dissolve. And provided tools for the bits that remain. Since taking this class, my meditation practice has changed and I feel more connected. I react differently to stress. My mind is quieter.  I learned a lot about myself, my relationship with others and my relationships with spirit. I tell everyone I know about my experience and have recommended it to three people. 

- Jane Z.

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